Monday, November 3, 2008


Preston as Darth Vader. Aren't you just shaking in your boots?

Makaylie as the Wicked Witch. The only one to not go with a STAR WARS Theme.
(Hunter didn't know that was allowed!)
Hunter as Obi Wan Kenobi. Our only good guy :)

Trevor as Darth Maul. SCARY!


Melynda said...

Those are great costumes. I love each kid's pose!

angela & family said...

Hey Cari, it's Angela White (jaroscak). I saw your blog from Tandy's...hope you don't mind I had to peek. Your kids are darling. I love is so much fun to dress the kids up!!

Robyn said...

Your kids look so cute all dressed up! Looks like it was lots of fun!

Ashley said...

Well Carianne, how are you??? Look how cute and BLOND your kids are! It was so fun to open my blog and see that an old friend had left me a comment! I hope all is well with you and your family.

Ward Family said...

Your kids are so much fun, I think I like McKaylie's the best-- mainly because it's so NOT her!


Tandy said...

So stinkin cute! The one pic kind of reminds me (younger version of course) of when we all tried to do a video to abba. Do you remember that? Was I the witch? Or were you? Wouldn't it be funny to watch that video again? I wonder if your parents still have those. Ha. Good times.