Sunday, July 20, 2008

Prelims, Finals and Banquet

Wow, what an exciting week we have had.
Thursday was swim team prelims. It was a swim meet where all the swim teams of our division meet at the same time. It is not the regular format. During the season, it will be two teams facing one another, and coaches assign who will be swimming which stroke. In Prelims, basically every kid swims every stroke. The eight fastest times advance to finals.
The swim meet started at 8am, which means that we had to arrive there at 6:45! EARLY. The meet was hosted by First Colony Gold. Right away my kids were all wigged out because First Colony’s pool does not have lines on the bottom, meaning that it is hard to know if you are swimming in a straight line or not. Hunter didn’t even want to do his warm up because he had run into the ropes a couple times on the first lap, and he was not liking that.
The great thing was that since there were 4 teams competing, they split up the age groups so that just the 6 and under, 7-8 and 9-10 age groups were swimming for qualification.
Free style was first. I was thinking that Makaylie would qualify for sure, but because there were no lines and maybe the fact that it was early and she hadn’t eaten yet, she swam a full second slower than her regular time. She did end up making first alternate for finals. This means, she had the 9th fastest time. If you think about it, she is two years younger than other people in her age group and is beating most of them! Wow go girl!
Trevor came in 6th place for breast stroke so he made it into finals. Yea!
The hard part was the end of the meet, when it was moment of truth for Hunter. He just knew that he was going to make finals and qualify for All-stars. He had been talking it up the whole meet, and I kept trying tell him that I am proud of him for doing his best and it doesn’t matter to me at all if he makes it or not. So as we were packing up our chairs, towels, and various other belongings, Hunter was asking me over and over if he made it. I didn’t want to tell him the truth full out, because I was feeling really bad for him. I said “I don’t know Hunter, I don’t think you did.” Well he didn’t believe me at all. So we went to go check the board before we left. We ran into one of our swim coaches and Hunter asked him if he had made it, and the coach didn’t know either. So we went to the board to check……. Hunter did not make it! He was crushed and couldn’t stop the tears. I was so sad for him. That is the hard part for a mom, to be happy for one kid and sad for the other kid.
We all decided that we should let Hunter decide where we should go to eat breakfast. Shipley’s, of course!
Finals were Saturday morning at 8am. We had to be there at 6:45am AGAIN! Each team gets to enter a relay team in the finals. Makaylie was in the Freestyle relay and Trevor was in the medley relay and Freestyle relay. So I planned ahead better and woke up Trevor and Makaylie up earlier so that they could eat some oatmeal and get their energy up.
Finals move more quickly than a regular meet because there is only one heat of each event, rather than 5-6 heats per event. The Medley relay was first. The first place team moves on to All-stars. Trevor’s team came in 4th place of 4 teams, OUCH! Next up was the 6 and under relay. Makaylie swam the anchor. She dove in the pool and swam her little heart out. Her team was in 4th (last) place when she dove in. She put her head down and swam to the other side of the pool without taking a single breath! She swam that lap in 22.14 seconds! (Beating her best time of 24 seconds!) She passed one of the other teams winning our team 3rd place! Trevor swam individual breast stroke. It was a really close race and he came in 3rd advancing him to Allstars! He was so excited! I was really amazed! During the meet they would announce the results of the events, and they would announce the swimmers moving on to all-stars. Trevor and I were so excited to hear his name called over the loud speaker. We just looked at each other and giggled. Trevor’s last event was the freestyle relay; again his team came in 4th out of 4. Too bad.
The swim team banquet was Sunday. This is held at Sugar Creek Country Club. Everyone (most everyone) really dresses up for the occasion. There is really good food, a slide show of pictures taken though out the season, and awards given out. Makaylie was recognized for being the female swimmer of the 4th meet. She received a gift card to Target. Then she was recognized for being the most valuable swimmer in the 6 and under age group! The coach told everyone that she and made first alternate to finals and then she pointed out that this girl is only 4 and has two more years in this age group. Makaylie got a good sized trophy for being the MVP along with the regular sized trophy that everyone else receives. Charlie and I were so excited for her and so proud to be her parents. Trevor was recognized as being one of the two 7-8 boys that made All-stars.
Again, the ride home was a little tough for Hunter; it is just too much to think that his younger sister got more trophies than him.

Hunter is totally thrilled to be taking these pictures. Still mad that Makaylie got more trophies than him. Charlie and I laughed because of his expression, but a picture is worth a thousand words, right?


Bertie said...

Awww!! Poor Hunter- his expression says it all. That has got to be tough- but yeah for the others:) Makaylie is a natural! I can't believe she can already cross the whole pool without a single breath- that is CRAZY!! I can't even do that!

Amber Staub said...

Cute pictures of all the kids. I am so impressed at how well your kids do with swim team. I'm a little sad we didn't go to the dinner so Channing could get her cool trophey. Oh well, next year for sure.