Monday, July 21, 2008

Swim Team All-Stars

Today was the All-Star meet. At this meet, the best swimmers from the 30 teams in the Southwest Houston Recreational Swim League compete. There are two heats for each event in each age group. Meaning only 16 swimmers qualify for each event. It really blows my mind that Trevor could be ranked so high among the 4,500 + swimmers that make up this league! Crazy.
We were to arrive at the Don Cook Nat. at 6:45am. EARLY, again. Good thing it is in Sugar Land right across from the Mall. It is where the high school kids compete.
When we arrived they hadn’t opened up the doors, yet. (Good thing we got there on time.) So we waited outside along with everyone else. Then they called for the swimmers to enter the building. Trevor went in. After about 5 more minutes of standing outside, I realized that I still had Trevor’s goggles. I knew that they would be starting the warm up soon, and I started to get really nervous about how I was going to find him and get him his goggles in time. Finally after about 5 more minutes of me standing outside stressing, they opened the doors and let us in. It was like a slow motion cattle stampede.
It is a really nice facility. It has a 50 meter pool that they can put a deck across the middle to make it 25 meters. There are bleachers to sit on. Good thing I didn’t heft in the chairs. They have the professional starting blocks that most of the kids have never used before. They have a score board that shows the names of the kids competing, their times, and what place they come in. The only thing I could do was follow the masses of people entering the building and find a seat, and hopefully spot Trevor at the same time. Makaylie was with me and Charlie stayed home with the rest of the boys. I thought once I found a seat then I could hopefully leave Makaylie there to save the seat and go look for Trevor. Thankfully as soon as I sat down I saw Trevor talking to his coach and then they both looked over to the bleachers. I waved as big as I could to get their attention and it worked! Yay! One stress taken care of. I thought that I had picked out a good seat to sit at. I was on the front row, just left to the starting blocks, so I could see all the way down the pool. I soon learned that it was not a great place to be. I was right next to a gap that lots of people were standing in, who blocked my view and then there was the constant migration of people walking to and from their seats. Really frustrating. People can be so inconsiderate!
The races were really exciting to watch, from what I could see between people. By the time Trevor was up, I was a nervous wreck. You’d think that I was the one in the race! Trevor competed in the first Heat of 7-8 boys Breaststroke. He came in 2nd Place! 24.19 seconds. Yahoo! I thought that my heart was going to fly out of my chest I was so excited. Then came the second heat and I saw one of our teams, fastest swimmers in that heat. I couldn’t figure out why he was in that heat until they went. They were blazing fast. I saw the times up on the board and knew Trevor was beat. Over all he placed 10th out of 16 swimmers. I am so proud of the boy. What a great end to a great swim season!


Melanie Rossi said...

By the wasy, I'm super proud of him and Charlie told me last night about Kaylie being MVP for 6 and unders. She's amazing!

Heidi Phillips (Mecham) said...

Um, your kids aren't allowed to be as skilled as they are :) You're making the rest of us out to be lazy or something! J/K. Give Trev a big hug for me! I'm so proud of my amazing little nephews and nieces!

Amber Staub said...

Congratultions Trevor! That's so awesome. What a great reward for working so hard this season.