Sunday, September 13, 2009


Ok ok! I know that it has been a really long time! I am soooo sorry to keep ya'll waiting to hear what is going on with my life! (as if anyone was holding thier breath!)

Anyways what better way to catch up than to tell a really gross story! It all started on a beautiful Sunny day Saturday Sept 5th.....

We went to Lakes of Katy to do a little skiing for my Birthday. (Yeah! Happy Birthday to me!)The kids were getting antsy to swim and wanted to go play on the shore line. I was against it because the lake is so little and there were a lot of boats. Ok, like 3, but that is a lot for a small lake. So anyways, the kids had already jumped off the boat and were almost to the shore, so Carrie said that she would jump out and watch them. Charlie was skiing, we did a loop and came back to where the kids were and they were all standing on the shore waving at us. Then I started to do another loop, but Charlie fell. So I circled him to go again, and the kids were yelling Hunter is hurt! I had noticed that Carrie was holding someone and assumed that it was Preston, but when I looked again I realized it was Hunter! So instead of waiting for Charlie to get back into the boat, I just drove to the shore. I got out and got to Carrie as soon as I could wade though the water. Hunter was covered in blood! Gross! I took Hunter from Carrie and walked over to the Dock to set him down so that I could see. On his knee was a 2 inch long gash that was about half inch wide! Ahhh! It was pretty deep and you could see white tissue. I tried to push it together, but that just made more blood come out. About that time, Charlie had swam ashore and made his way over to the dock. Carrie and Michael (a co-worker of Charlie's) went up to the cars in search of first aid. I got it covered with a towel and then began to be very nauseous! Michael came back and looked at me and said, "Carianne, I think you need to sit." I agreed. So I sat on the dock next to Hunter. That wasn't enough though I started sweating and feeling really bad, so I laid down. Then we had to decide what to do. I offered to take him to the ER, but Carrie and Charlie didn't think that I was well enough, I guess. So they packed up Hunter and headed off to and ER. I was left with the boys to boat some more. The mood was broken a little bit. We taught a friend of Carrie's to wake board. Trevor kneeboarded a little. Then Charlie called to say that they were just going to go to Sugar Land because the in Katy was really busy. I then realized that I was going to have to pull the boat home! Great. (I keep making this story about me don't I?) I don't know why I think that is so scary. Maybe it is because the last time I pulled a boat was when Charlie ruptured his bicep and I had to drive 3 hours with a barley conscious husband, 2 babies crying in the back seat, pulling a boat in the dark! Hummmm, maybe that is is! Ok, back to the present. We loaded the boat. I asked (begged) my children to just please be quiet until we got home. That boat is a monster! The left tail light doesn't work, and I didn't have my driver's license. I was sure this would all equal disaster. I took the feeder roads and the Grand Parkway instead of the freeway. We made it home the same time Charlie, Carrie and Hunter got home. Hunter is healing well. He ended up with 11 stitches in all. The one tough thing is that he is not supposed to run for a week. This week was the start of fall baseball. So he was really disappointed to miss that! (not!)

While I am at it, I may as well tell you another fun story!

Makaylie (our drama queen) came home from school last Friday and got all riled up about the boys being mean, so she stomped upstairs and slammed her bedroom door shut. I was sitting in the office trying to get Hunter to practice the violin and I look up and see Makaylie standing at the front door with all her purses. She waits just long enough to make sure that I am watching, and then walks out the door. I realize that she is leaving because she is mad. So I walk to the door, and there is a note. It reads "Sorry I had to move but you gise whre being mean." With a heart on the end! So I decide to watch what she is going to do. She walks down the side walk and across the circle and then takes a seat on the curb in front of the neighbor's house. I feel bad for her because she has nowhere to go and it is like 1,000 degrees outside! So I open the door and start to walk toward her. She immediately stands up and starts walking away from me. So I chase her down, and I say "Makaylie, please don't leave me alone in that house with all those boys! I can't be the only girl!" (that is her big thing, she feels way outnumbered. And she is!) She thought it over and agreed to help me out, and came home with me. Yea! I stopped a runaway!


Bertie said...

Ouch about Hunter-- and that is too cute about Makaylie! I can totally see her doing that. LOL!

Heidi Phillips (Mecham) said...

POOR HUNTER!! What a trooper though. I'm glad you posted it! Hope you still had a good birthday though :) Ha ha.

Anonymous said...

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